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Horton’s Handcrafted Quality K9 Equipment: A Legend in Professional Canine Gear

Written by on November 4, 2019

When training dogs for protection, military, or law enforcement, the stakes are high. It is critical to have gear that is reliable and allows the dogs to perform to the best of their abilities. Horton’s Handcrafted Quality K9 Equipment produces trustworthy canine equipment intended to last. This family-owned and operated business has been the choice of canine professionals for decades and continues to focus on supporting dog trainers and other individuals in the industry. 

In the early ’70s, Horton banded together with other trainers to form the Greater Atlanta Schutzhund Club. This new organization did not have access to quality equipment, so Horton began to craft it himself. Turning this hobby into a business, Horton’s Handcrafted Quality K9 Equipment LLC was founded in 1972 as a way to provide reliable gear for this club and other fellow trainers. Operating out of a small workshop in Marietta Georgia, Horton’s first-hand knowledge about the dog training industry allowed him to create the equipment that dog trainers are looking for. Robert passed his passion and knowledge of the industry on to his son, Paul, who took over the family business in 1995 when Robert passed away. In 2002, Paul moved his family and the company to Geneva, Georgia and has continued the legacy by instilling the same dedication in his own son, who joined the business in 2009. Horton’s is now located in Jasper, Georgia, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Throughout the years, this family-owned and operated business has continued to maintain the quality of their gear and passion for the industry.

This family-run company continues to produce high caliber products today. Horton’s has continued to evolve to fit the needs of dog trainers and provide them with equipment that they can rely on. This can be seen not only in the craftsmanship in the gear itself but also int the 100% guarantee Horton’s promises on every item they produce, including leads, collars, harnesses, and more. As the oldest and largest manufacturer of custom canine equipment in the United States, Horton’s supports canine training, sporting events, armed forces, and various law enforcement agencies by ensuring that their clients’ expectations are exceeded. All of their equipment is crafted using the best materials and Horton’s legendary designs, as well as rigorously field-tested and scrutinized based on the most rigid specifications in the industry. This all results in an end product that is reliable in any situation to allow the dog to perform to the best of its ability, which is why Horton’s has been considered one of the best in the industry for decades. 

Unfortunately, there are always some ups and downs and the Hortons are in need of support. In July of this year, Horton’s Handcrafted Quality K9 Equipment LLC was served with a lawsuit in the midst of the current owner, Paul Horton, battling health issues. Even though the suit is thought to be frivolous with the goal to get money from the company or put them out of business, there are still a lot of costs associated with fighting it, including attorney fees, court costs, travel expenses, and more. Aside from the monetary costs, this case is also slandering the company and family name. For more information or to donate and support these incredible people during their difficult time, click here

Horton’s Handcrafted Quality K9 Equipment LLC has been one of the most trusted suppliers of professional canine equipment for decades and continues to produce reliable high-quality gear. This family-owned and operated company has a passion for the industry and has continually worked to support dog trainers and other canine professionals, including armed forces and law enforcement, and are now in need of a little bit of support themselves. 

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