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Prepping Your Pooch for Fall Ah, Labor Day Weekend, the bittersweet three-day holiday that signals the end of our sun-soaked summer adventures. As we pack away our BBQs, bathing suits, and beach towels, we’re reminded that the crisp allure of autumn is just around the corner. And hey, just like us, our furry companions need […]

Just as humans grapple with emotions like fear and anxiety, so do our canine companions. Such feelings play pivotal roles in our growth and understanding of the world. Dogs, with their myriad personalities ranging from playful and affectionate to reserved and anxious, are no exception. While early-life trauma or abuse might contribute, it’s often genetics […]

When you’re planning to head out of town and can’t take your beloved canine companion with you, finding a trustworthy and comfortable place for them to stay is crucial. However, the cost of dog boarding can be a concern for many pet owners. Let’s delve into the factors that can influence these costs, so you’re […]

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Schutzhund/IGP training! If you’re looking to develop a strong bond with your dog, improve obedience, and unlock their true potential, then this article is for you. Schutzhund (now known as IGP) is a sport that originated in Germany, focusing on testing the working abilities of dogs in three key […]

Dog board and train programs have emerged as a powerful tool for providing dogs with intensive training and behavior modification. These programs offer a unique opportunity for dogs to receive personalized attention and training from experienced professionals in a controlled environment. In this article, we will explore the benefits of dog board and train programs […]

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, it’s important to ensure that your furry friends stay cool and comfortable during the summer months. Dog grooming becomes even more crucial during this time to help prevent overheating, manage shedding, and maintain healthy skin and coat. In this article, we will explore some essential dog […]

Our mission is to provide elite dog training along with owner education in a tranquil location. The dogs will be on a ranch where they will get plenty of exercise, interaction, training and care. To provide dog training and coaching across a variety of sport in a tranquil, dog centered training facility. New website will […]

Do you create a podcast? Looking to become a radio host? We are looking for individuals that produce great content and want a platform in which to receive the marketing and advertising needed to build an audience. We are looking for someone that can cover and write about the latest news, product reviews and training […]

We have been building the K9 Seminars site! “When I first go into dog sports I found it difficult to find trainers, seminars, clubs etc. The goal of this site is to list all these items on one site.” – Becca, Managing Director K9 Sports Nation. So, we have been building out the site over […]

When training dogs for protection, military, or law enforcement, the stakes are high. It is critical to have gear that is reliable and allows the dogs to perform to the best of their abilities. Horton’s Handcrafted Quality K9 Equipment produces trustworthy canine equipment intended to last. This family-owned and operated business has been the choice […]